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Aberdeen 6 - 2 Northern Lg Selected

HT Score: Aberdeen 3 - 2 Northern Lg Selected

Aberdeen scorers: Simpson, Low, Edgar, Low, Ward, Ward.
Northern Lg Selected scorers: Crockatt, Devine

24/03/1906 | KO: 15:45

The Pittodrie Win.

In stormy weather, this game was played at Pittodrie, before 2000 spectators.

Source: The Scotsman, 26th March 1906

It was a pity for the friends of the Northern League that the weather proved so unpropitious for spectators as it did last Saturday. Selecting a strong and representative team, the committee were sure of victory, more especially as one of them remarked that Aberdeen was under strength. This was said before the match began, and the first moiety of play fully warranted the remark. Gray was the only real absentee who had forewarned the selecters, but Pitblado failed to put in an appearance at Pittodrie, and Jim Mackie, of the Aberdeen, took the latter's place. When Mr. McArthur got the teams together there was a feeling that the Select were the finer built set of players, carrying plenty of weight, if they had science to back it up. There was a lot of nice passing to begin with, the ball being made to go from end to end with rapidity and graceful movement. Little Simpson opened the score sheet with as nice an effort as I have seen on Pittodrie for a long time. The little bit of play that brought the equaliser was worthy of Proctor's initiative, being capped by Crockat on the left.

One side was as good as the other, Aberdeen having the wind behind them, carried play more frequently towards Rodger. Henry Low got through with a solo on his own, brushing aside all impediments and giving Rodgers no earthly chance of clearing, though the Forfarian made a fine effort to get it away. Devine bad the honour of making the parting, effort for the equaliser again, so closely was the game being contested. Just before crossing Edgar got the leading goal for Aberdeen. Everything that the select team did in the first half was good, and they were expected to do better in the second period with the wind behind them. It turned out the reverse.

Feeling they had not the lead required to win Aberdeen simply made rings around their opponents, Low scoring first, and Ward three before the whistle blew. How many shots Rodgers saved could best be told by himself, but though he let six goals go past he played a grand game. By 6 goals to 2 Aberdeen finished top side in every department, without a passenger in the eleven. The visiting halves were weak, being a long way behind the home trio. The forwards on both sides were good, Crockat and Proctor shone more particularly for the select, but it would be unfair to make selections on the home side as they all did remarkably well. Mr. McArthur gave every satisfaction as a referee.

Chatty Bits.

The Northern League funds will not he very much enriched over Saturday's match.
For this the weather was greatly to blame, but it was really astonishing to see so many present on such a day.
The gate and stands, all in, amounted to over £52.
By the time the League pays the players' travelling expenses, there will be very little over.
The game was worth going to see all the same, a fine afternoon's football being provided.
Owing to Pitblado's non-appearance, the committee were left in a dilemma, and their thanks are due to "Fairmer" Mackie for stepping into the breach.
Mackie played a good game when the fact is taken into account that he has not kicked a ball this season.
Though hardly tested so much as the directors would have liked, Mutch, the Inverurie lad who kept goal for Aberdeen, gave every indication of being a class custodian.
Another "find" is J. J. Simpson, who played centre-half. He has all the qualifications for being a great player.
"Wee" Simpson is a nipper at goal mouth. He knows when to get there.
Crockat and Devine were, to my thinking, the outstanding players on the League side. Proctor has a good conception of centre-forward play, but lacked vim behind his shots.
For outfield dribbling and parting to his wings, nothing was finer than Henry Low's play on Saturday.
Aberdeen need not go far to find their "missing link" now. Let us hope they will keep him next season.
Gault played the poorest game I have seen him do this season.
Aberdeen have met the Hearts three times this season, winning twice and drawing the first game at Tynecastle.
There were four of the A team at Edinburgh on Saturday, and every one of them played a fine game.
In fact there was not a weak spot in the team, and on their day's play they could easily represent the first eleven.
The Aberdeen players are to be "At Home" in the Bon-Accord Hotel on Tuesday evening.
Dundee have to be faced in an East of Scotland League game on the Saturday after this "hop." It should put the players in fine fettle for the game.
This week interest will be centered in the semi-finals for the Scottish Cup.
Third Lanark have to meet St. Mirren at Paisley, and the Hearts cross over to Port-Glasgow, to play on Clune Park.
To run Dunblane to a goal in the Dewar Shield competition is a feat Peterhead ought to feel proud of.
With a little steadiness at goal-mouth, the Aberdeenshire-cup-holders might have entered the final.
This is the first time Peterhead have played south of Aberdeen, and they will have now got over the natural feeling of trepidation at having to tackle southern clubs.
There is a proposal to change the character of the Charily Shield Competition.
How this will work out remains to be seen.
The proposal, I understand, is to have one big game between Aberdeenshire and say Inverness-shire.
This may be good enough for the Charity Committee, but the clubs in the Association may have an objection to it.
For instance, why should the cupholders be left out in the cold? They should be allowed a say in the matter.
The two Aberdeen teams, with the 'Varsity and Peterhead, should make a good competition.
Preparations are being made by the Juniors for their Benefit Match at Pittodrie. It is expected the local teams will put forth a strong eleven to meet the Pittodrie XI.
The Scottish selectors are not to put their team in print till Monday, when they will have visited the English and Scottish semi-finals.

Source: Bon-Accord, 29th March 1906

In the Northern League circles some little feeling was prevalent during the past week when it became known that the Aberdeen Club directorate would not be able to put their regular first division team on the field to meet the selection of northern league representatives in the game at Pittodrie on behalf of the league funds. The directors, however, and two draw upon their first team in order to fulfil their East of Scotland League engagement with the Hearts, but they left behind them sound combination to deal with this "Select." The event was favoured so far as weather was concerned, and there was a fairly large spectatorate when the teams lined up under the supervision of Mr. Macarthur, Stirling, as follows:-
Northern League Select: Rodger (Forfar); Mackie (Aberdeen), Birrell (Kirkcaldy); Adams (East Fife), Fenton (Wanderers), Bruce (Dundee); Esson (Arbroath), Devine (Lochgelly), Cowie (Kirkcaldy), Crockatt (Arbroath)
Aberdeen: Mutch; Willox, Gault; Halkett, J.J. Simpson, W. Low; R. Simpson, Ward, H. Low, Cruickshank, Edgar.

Although the opening passages resulted in a couple of goals being put on, the work was so slow and deliberate a one could hardly have known from the demeanour of the crowd in any event of an unusual nature had occurred. After a preliminary counter from end to end, Edgar trotted off towards Rodger, but the local amateur interrupted his course, and from the back's punt the ball found its way across to the right wing, where Simpson was awaiting his chance. Only a risk a long drive, and his shot curved in at the extreme corner of the League goal, and the scoring was opened. The "Select" men were quick to retaliate, and the ball was no sooner in motion and Easson on the right was pressing up against the wind. A judicious parting cross presented Crockatt one with a difficult chance, but it was all or nothing, and the Arbroathian did not hesitate in his punt, which guided the leather swiftly and directly into the net before Mutch had time to turn round to meet the assault. The contest so far was not productive of much excitement, and although Simpson on the right was occasionally conspicuous for clever work, it was not until Henry Low, after a fine exhibition of dodging encircling ground his opponents, lifted the ball over a host of intervening heads and dropped it neatly into the net that the first outburst of real enthusiasm was shown. The visitors were smart in combination when the opportunity offered, to and only a short time elapsed before they had again drawn level. A weak shot from Cowie at close range rebounded slowly in front of the Aberdeen goal, and the result was certainly on looked for. Mutch sprang towards the bobbing sphere, but his feet slipped on the damp turf, and although Wilfred Lowe stepped in and sent it far afield, it was not before the ball was fully half a yard beyond the goal line. Towards the close of the first period, the field was swept by a severe hailstorm, and the onlookers lost interest in what was going on within the arena, there being little there to maintain their attention. The contest waged easily, but before the whistle sounded Edgar sent a furious drive along the turf to Rodger, and although the custodian threw himself to earth, the force given to the ball carried it home by inches.

On resuming, the Aberdeen front line kept the League defence busy, and success rewarded clever shots from Henry Low and Ward in quick succession, increasing the Aberdeen lead by three goals. This was too much for the strangers, and for a spell their retaliatory efforts completely hemmed in the local defence, but harmed though the attackers pressed the every attempt was frustrated. After a short time, the game resumed its uninteresting aspect, and a further goal, added by ward for Aberdeen failed to elicit more than 1/2-hearted cheer.

The drawings amounted to £30.

Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal, 26th March 1906

Aberdeen Teamsheet
Mutch, Willox, Gault, Halkett, Simpson, Low, Simpson, Ward, Low, Cruickshank, Edgar.
Northern Lg Selected Teamsheet
Rodger (Forfar; Mackie (Aberdeen), Birrell (Kirkcaldy); Adams (East Fife), Fenton (Wanderers), Bruce (Dundee); Esson (Arbroath), Devine (Lochgelly), Cowie (Kirkcaldy), Crockatt (Arbroath)
Attendance: 2,000
Venue: Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen
Referee: Mr. McArthur, Stirling
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