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Aberdeen 2 - 1 Bon Accord

HT Score: Aberdeen 2 - 0 Bon Accord

Rhodesia Cup Final First Leg
Aberdeen scorers: Gray, Robertson.
Bon Accord scorers: Milne

23/04/1904 | KO:

A Local Derby

There was a good crowd at Pittodrie on Saturday, when the Bon-Accord met the Aberdeen A in a Rhodesia Cup Tie. Both teams had one or two surprises in their ranks. Rain commenced to fall shortly after Milne kicked off for the Bons. The game began very tamely, and continued so until Bisset was awakened by a high shot from Bonnar, which, however, was easily cleared. Keeping up the pressure the reserves forced a corner, which was stupidly granted by Bisset from a weak save. Freeland took the kick nicely, and Gray headed neatly into the net. Encouraged by this success the homesters were soon hovering round the Bons' goal again, but although their outfield work was surprisingly good, yet their shooting was almost a direct opposite. Ferries and Ritchie were well watched, and so, too, was Knowles, with the result that Ritchie, the home custodian, was seldom, if ever, troubled. The former players, however, did get in a chance shot now and again, but want of time and steadiness in shooting made their tries go wide of the mark. At last success rewarded their efforts, but McKay was clearly offside when he shot, and the referee disallowed the point. Close on half-time the A's broke away and forced a corner which proved productive - Robertson heading through past Bisset.

After a rather long interval, on account of the rain, the teams restarted with the elements in a slightly better condition. Knowles, in an attempt for goal, got jammed between two opponents, and was laid low within the dreaded area. A penalty was granted, but Ferries shot wildly past. Not long after the rain came on in torrents, and the game had to be stopped for fully five minutes. On resuming the players found it difficult to keep their feet, owing to the sodden condition of the ground, with the result that good play was out of the question. Shiach and Gray had one or two likely runs on the home left, but nothing resulted, although Bisset had to handle one or two good shots. The Bons now took a turn at pressing, and were rather dangerous chiefly through their left wing. Ritchie on one occasion sent in a splendid drive, but his namesake clutched in smartly, and sent the visitors to the right about. A scrimmage took place in front of the home goal from which Milne scored the Bons' only point. With the teams now almost level one would have thought that the game would brighten up, but this was not the case. There was no further scoring, and the game ended - Aberdeen A 2, Bon-Accord 1.

Points from Pittodrie.

A hard game, with plenty of hard knocks, is a fair description of the play. Unfortunately the "gentle rain from Heaven" spoilt the game to a great extent.
Bisset seemed rather fluky at first, in the Bon?s goal, but brought off some good saves later on.
Craig, at back, was far ahead of his partner, whose kicking was faulty.
The halves all played a good game, but were, as a whole, overshadowed by the home trio.
Hossack is a good man, and played a hard game at centre-half, while both wing men showed up well, too.
The visitors' front rank never got into proper swing, although Milne, in centre, tried again and again to keep his wings going.
Ritchie was well watched, and did not get a chance to do much damage. His shooting is "class," and always near the mark.
None of the rest showed up well, although all were triers.

In the home goal Ritchie made a good attempt to keep his charge intact, but he had really no chance with the point which found the net.
Brebner was the best back on the field, and that easily. His display was entirely without blemish.
Mackie also gave a good display, but found a hard man to tackle in Ritchie.
The cause of the Bons' defeat lies at the door of the home halves.
All three - Robertson, Thomson, and Willox - played brilliantly, more especially the two former players, both of whom, we are certain, never played better.
The forwards were good and bad by turns, and never really got settled.
Gray was, perhaps, the outstanding man in the quintette. The right wing - Bonnar and Freeland - did not pair well while Murphy could hardly be called a success in centre. He is an improvement on his previous performances in the position, and ought to get another trial.
Shiach was poor in the first half, especially in the shooting line, but did much better in the latter half.
We have an idea that the return match on Wednesday the 27th. at Central Park, will be nothing short of a dog fight.
With a referee like Mr. Cation, however, there is little chance of temper being shown too frequently. He kept Saturday's game well in hand, and allowed nothing to pass which might have marred an otherwise pleasant game.

Source: Bon-Accord April 28, 1904

Bon Accord Teamsheet
Bissett; Craig, Bremner; Patterson, Duncan, Hossack; Knowles, R. McKay, Milne, Ferries, Ritchie
Venue: Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen
Referee: Mr Cation, Glasgow
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