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Aberdeen 2 - 1 Queens Park

HT Score: Aberdeen 1 - 1 Queens Park

Div 1 (Old)
Aberdeen scorers: Edgar, Lennie.
Queens Park scorers: Armour

24/09/1906 | KO:

These teams met in a Scottish League fixture at Pittodrie yesterday, before a fair attendance. Teams:- Aberdeen - Macfarlane; Boyle, Brebner; W. Low, Strang, H. Low; Robertson, Ward, McKinlay, Edgar, Lennie. Queen's Park - Grieve; Thomson, Richmond; Key, Waterston, Riley; Hunter, Vallance, Armour, Templeton, Gordon. Queen's Park started in brisk fashion, and within five minutes Armour opened the scoring, as the result of a free kick given for infringement by Aberdeen at close quarters. The centre, who was lying handy, smartly tipped the ball into the goal after it had been judiciously placed by a colleague. Following a short spell of pressure by the visitors, Aberdeen came away in spirited style, and after a heated bombardment against the Queen's citadel Edgar equalised with a well taken shot. The homesters continued to have the upper hand, but thanks to the smart opposition offered by Thomson and Richmond they were prevented from increasing their lead and at the interval the teams crossed over level. The second half was much in favour of Aberdeen, the strain of the first period having told to a considerable extent on the staying power of the amateurs. About a quarter of an hour from the finish Lennie, after some clever manoeuvring, gave his team the lead, and right on the finish they kept their opponents confined to their own territory. Result:- Aberdeen, two Queen's Park, one.

Source: The Scotsman 26-09-1906

Aberdeen met Queen's Park yesterday at Pittodrie in a Scottish League fixture. There were several hundreds present when the teams, under the charge of Mr. W. T. Murray, Stenhousemuir, lined up as follows:-
Aberdeen: Macfarlane; Boyle, Brebner; W. Low, Strang, H. Low; Robertson, Ward, McKinlay, Edgar, Lennie.
Queen's Park: Grieve; Thomson, Richmond; Key, Waterston, Riley; Hunter, Vallance, Armour, Templeton, Gordon.

Queen's Park opened briskly, and Templeton shot over the bar. The Queens again returned to the attack, and Armour, after outwitting Boyle, scored a lovely goal, giving Macfarlane no chance. Aberdeen retaliated in brilliant fashion, and Grieve had to save hard shots from Robertson and McKinley. Clever play on the Queen's right allowed them to get off, and Aberdeen's goal had a very narrow escape. Macfarlane brought off a splendid save, but, in doing so, fell, and the ball rolled in front of the goal. Brebner rushed across and cleared. The visitors, so far, were the better team, and gave the Aberdeen defence some trouble. Boyle and Brebner were none too sure, and repeatedly missed their kicks. Macfarlane had an anxious time of it, and saved several capital shots from the Queen's centre. The Queens played surprisingly well, but, thanks to the hard work of the Aberdeen half-back line, they were now kept well in hand. Aberdeen slipped to the other end in a body. Robertson sent across a lightning shot, and Edgar placed the ball in the net. A foul for the Queen's looked dangerous, but Boyle relieved. Robertson had several smart runs along the wing, but his neat crosses were not taken advantage of by the centre. The Queen's defence stood up well, and defied all efforts to get past them. Aberdeen's half-back line was much better than the Queen's halves. Play was very fast, but Aberdeen held the advantage. The "Wasps" were granted several fouls well in, but the Queen's defence was impregnable. For about five minutes the ball was continuously in the Queen's territory, the Aberdeen forwards being somewhat weak when near goal. Robertson was the most promising player in the Aberdeen team. Lennie was well watched, and it was only occasionally he managed to get away.

On resuming, Queen's forced the pace. Macfarlane had to save hard shots from Armour and Templeton. Boyle and Brebner tackled fearlessly, and the visiting forwards very seldom got round them. Edgar and Lennie played a capital game, and they gave the visiting defence considerable trouble. Both half-back lines worked hard. H. Low and Strang gave a capital exhibition, and held the Queen's forwards well in hand. Aberdeen did most of the pressing. Richmond failed to keep in McKinley. The centre forward crossed to Lennie, who scored a capital goal. Several fouls were granted the visitors, but their forwards were weak in front of goal. Vallance outwitted Boyle, and although he had an open goal in friont of him, he sent wildly past. Aberdeen were the superior team, although their forwards were weak in front of goal. In the closing stages the visitors' goal had several narrow escapes, but there was no more scoring.

The drawings amounted to £63, including stands.

Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal, 25th September 1906

Well Earned Points.

There was not the array of empty benches we had pictured in our mind's eye at Pittodrie on Monday, but a respectable attendance of about 2000 people to welcome the Queen's Park. The amateurs did not get their full strength to travel after all, and for this they paid the penalty. For that matter, Aberdeen were greatly handicapped through injuries, and were without several of their best men also. The Queen's got going first, and were not many minutes at it before they had Macfarlane beaten all the way, Armour being the marksman. Aberdeen were a bit slow at the start, but once they were set gave as good as they got, and from a scrimmage either McKinley or Edgar equalised. Neither side could improve on this at half-time, when the cross-over score stood level. It was not a bad first half, the play being nippy with plenty of vim in it.

Queen's again forced at the start, but Edgar and Lennie were simply irresistible, and ii took the visitors' defence all their time to hold them in check. McKinley was also keeping his wings going, and it was only a matter of time before the home side got the better of the argument. Lennie, with a terrific shoi, gave Grieve no chance, and keeping up the pressure, Aberdeen earned the two points on play. Aberdeen's halves were again the outstanding portion of the team, and kept the Queen's rushes well in hand. The front line of the visitors was splendid at times, but thry played too much on the individual line to secure success at goal. It was a most pleasant game to watch, and proved a better financial undertaking than was expected, the gate being £52, with stands £8.

Source: Bon-Accord, 27th September 1906

Queens Park Teamsheet
Grieve; Thomson, Richmond; Key, Waterston, Riley; Hunter, Vallance, Armour, Templeton, Gordon
Attendance: 1,200
Venue: Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen
Referee: Mr. W. T. Murray, Stenhousemuir
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