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Hibernian 2 - 1 Aberdeen

HT Score: Hibernian 0 - 0 Aberdeen

Div 1 (Old)
Hibernian scorers: Maconachie (pen), Findlay
Aberdeen scorers: Lennie.

18/08/1906 | KO: 16:00

The first mach of the season at Easter Road was played by the Hibernians and Aberdeen, who met in a Scottish League match, in presence of about 6000 spectators. The first half was well contested, and in the matter of play as well as goals neither side could claim a lead at the interval. Soon after the restart Lennie scored for Aberdeen, and this lead the visitors held till near the close. Strang was panalised and Maconachie put the teams level. The Hibernians played strongly after this, and Finlay scored a second goal. Result Hibernians, two goals; Aberdeen, one.

Source: The Scotsman, 20-08-1906

Aberdeen opened their Scottish League programme at Easter Road, Edinburgh, where they met Hibernians. The weather was very warm, and before the end of the game the players showed signs of tiring. A large crowd witnessed the game, over 6000 spectators being present. The gate money amounted to £144 2s 6d; stands £10 - total, £154 2s 6d. The teams lined up at 4 o'clock as follows:-
Aberdeen: Mutch; Boyle, Gault; Halkett, Strang, W. Low; Ford, Ward, H. Low, Edgar, Lennie.
Hibernians: Rennie; Main, Glen; Grieve, Maconachie, Harrower; Adams, Lawrie, Duguid, Finlay, Callaghan.
Referee - Mr. A. Edwards, Glasgow.

Aberdeen started the game playing towards the goal near the entrance gate. The opening stages saw the Hibernians' left wing very prominent, Callaghan and Findlay giving Halkett and Boyle a god deal of trouble. Thus early the Hibernians' outside left gave evidence that he would require a good deal of watching. Playing with plenty of spirit, the home forwards made a rush towards Mutch, and were almost through, but Halkett stepped in just in time to check Callaghan. However, Aberdeen gradually transferred play in the direction of Rennie, and a neat bit of work between Henry Low and Lennie ended in the last-named shooting past from about six yards out. Back came the Hibernians' left wing, and for a time the game was almost entirely fought out in the vicinity of Mutch. Clever tackling by Boyle and Gault kept the Edinburgh forwards from getting into position in their attempts to eat Mutch, with the result that any shots that came to the goalkeeper were directed from long range. Taken as a whole, the game was too much of the kick-and-rush order, the half-backs on both sides driving the ball too far ahead. Strang was prominent for Aberdeen in beating three opponents in succession, finishing up with a shot, that went high over the cross-bar. The Hibs' half-backs, Maconnachie in particular - kept the Aberdeen forwards well in hand, who could not get settled down. Considering the amount of pressure on the Aberdeen goal, it was indeed surprising that no goals fell to the Hibernians. A surprise shot from fully twenty yards out was sent in by Duguid, but Mutch jumped up and caught the ball when a goal appeared almost certain. The Aberdeen goalkeeper had no sooner got rid of this effort by the Hibs' centre when a second attempt was made to beat him. Aberdeen were apparently of opinion that they had acted on the defensive quite long enough, and away went Ward, Henry Low, and Lennie in the direction of Rennie. Lennie finished a fine bit of combination by centring right in front of goal, where Henry Low caught the ball with his head. Rennie was out of position, but Low's final effort was just wide enough to miss the goal. Low was prominent again with some smart work, and from a capital cross by Lennie, the Aberdeen centre shot through, but offside was given against him. The Hibernians played up in response to the shouts of their supporters, and only the sound defence of Boyle and Gault kept them from scoring. Once, however, the defence was beaten, but Halkett covered up and cleared. On another occasion the Hibs' right wing got away. Mutch judged the situation to a nicety. Rushing out of his goal, he had no time to pick up the ball, but met it with his right foot, and transferred the game to midfield. Getting near half-time, the Aberdeen players took the game in hand, and a long, drooping shot by Lennie almost bounced out of Rennie's hands. It was one of those deceiving shots which require careful handling by a goalkeeper. Clever work by the Aberdeen left wing was frequently checked by Maconnachie and Glen, while persistent attacks by Adams and Lawrie were met by Wilfred Low and Gault with equal skill. The Hibs lost a glorious chance of opening the scoring. Their right wing opened out the game beautifully, and when near goal Lawrie gave Duguid the easiest of chances right in front of Mutch. Duguid failed to take advantage of the pass, however, and sent the ball wide of the goal. Strang brought out Rennie's abilities with a hard drive, but the international goalkeeper easily cleared. A corner to the Hibs almost brought the first goal of the match, a neat header being tipped over the bar by Mutch. Half-time came with the teams on level terms - no scoring.

The Hibernians - now playing towards their favourite end - began the second half in business-like fashion. Findlay got away with a smart run, while Duguid, following up, drove hard towards goal, the ball just clearing the cross-bar. The shot was one of the best witnessed, so far, during the game, and had it been the least thing lower would probably have brought a goal. Aberdeen then took up the running, their forward play being much improved.Indeed, they kept the ball almost entirely on the ground, and their quick-passing runs were the source of continual trouble to the Hibs defence. Seven and a half minutes from the restart the men from Pittodrie took the lead. A corner was nicely placed by Ford; the ball came to Halkett, who sent across to Lennie, who shot straight for goal, the ball landing in the net, far out of Rennie's reach. A shot like this was enough to spur up any team, and Aberdeen's play thereafter improved considerably. The Hibs got demoralised, while the visiting team practically monopolised the play. Lennie and Edgar were specially good, and although the other left wing made determined efforts to break through, Halkett and Boyle tackled and kicked with fine judgement. If the game had been slow in the first half, the same could not be said of the latter portion. A capital shot by Grieve was equally well dealt with by Mutch. Still the Aberdeen had most of the play, with Glen and Maconnachie repeatedly bringing up the Pittodrie forwards. The Edinburgh team, finding that the Aberdeen backs could not be beaten, tried Mutch with shots from far out, and although two of these almost took the goalkeeper by surprise, the general run of the play favoured the idea that the Hibs were a beaten team. Fifteen minutes from close, however, brought a change to the scene. The Hibernians' left-half sent the ball in the direction of Halkett, who was standing within the penalty area. The Aberdeen player was waiting for the rebound, which struck him partly on the chest and also on the arm. The crowd shouted for a penalty, and several of the Hibs men joined in. The referee pointed to the penalty line, and Maconnachie took the kick and scored. An uninterrupted view from the press box clearly showed that the ball struck Halkett accidentally - the player making no effort to play the ball. The incident completely upset the Aberdeen men, and five minutes later Findlay scored a second goal close in. Lennie had a grand shot close on time, when Rennie jumped up and caught the ball above his head. Henry Low subsequently got past the backs, and when on the point of shooting he was pushed from behind. The game ended - Hibernians 2 goals, Aberdeen 1.
Aberdeen were very unlucky to lose, for the Hibs would probably never have scored at all had they not been granted a penalty for no apparent infringement. The home team had the best of matters in the first half, but Aberdeen were the smarter team after crossing over.

Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal, 20th August 1906

The Kick-off

With an extended League the interest in the various centres, who have clubs represented, was greater than heretofore. Enthusiasm for the opening of the game was more apparent on Saturday than we had hoped it to be, in view of the many other attractions on the boards. That football still has the Charm of drawing the crowds was demonstrated once more when the kick-off took place in all the various centres where encouraging reports were transmitted to us. Even at Pittodrie, with only a Northern League game, the sum drawn was some £55 and that was for a fourpenny gate. Comment is needless.

Hard Luck

It would appear that the bad luck which followed Aberdeen throughout the whole of last season was again to stick to them, for a time at least. At no point throughout the ninety minutes could it be said that the Hibs. were the superior team except in the matter of luck. They were beaten to the shout for a penalty, and a strong appeal by the club linesman, led the referee to grant this award for some supposed infringement, and Aberdeen lost the points. Their second goal had a lucky flavour about it too. Gault judged the onrush beautifully, and charged it down, men and ball, but the inside right got cleverer on his pins and walked the ball past Mutch.

So Much for the Incidents of Play.

A short sketch of the players may not be amiss just now, before the season goes very far. Mutch was as smart as could be desired in gaol. hehas not the show of a Rennie, but he gets there and clears without hesitation?a little clumsily, it may be, but this will wear off. Boyle was the better of the two backs, both putting in a lot of work, the right man getting most to do and showing better. The halves all played well, and, consequently, we refrain from putting one man before the other. What one man stopped at a critical time the other was capable of doing when his turn came. The forwards were most to be found fault with. There was a little too much of playing of the ball to the wing men when it was more advantageous to centre it. We trust this reminder to the inside men will not overlooked. Lennie was great, and Ford made his position more secure by his persistent trying. Ward and Edgar fed the outside men to a nicety, but we hope the hint above will not lost sight of. Henry Low got too little to do for a player of his experience. Should our advice be taken points will soon come Aberdeen's way and stay there.

Source: Bon-Accord, 23rd August 1906>

Hibernian Teamsheet
Rennie; Main, Glen; Grieve, Maconachie, Harrower; Adams, Lawrie, Duguid, Finlay, Callaghan
Aberdeen Teamsheet
Mutch, Boyle, Gault, Halkett, Strang, Low, Ford, Ward, Low, Edgar, Lennie.
Attendance: 6,000
Venue: Easter Road, Edinburgh
Referee: Mr. A. Edwards, Glasgow
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